Deciding to sell your home is a big emotional process. You must look at your home through a buyer’s eye. Just because you love the striped wall in the hallway, it is a personal touch that new owners may not like. Making your home buyer-ready takes a keen eye. We will evaluate and suggest changes that need to happen to appeal to the larger audience.

You may be moving because your current home is too small, doesn’t have enough storage space, or is always looking cluttered and tired.

Sprucing up your home will add dollars to the bottom line, but knowing just how much is enough is where we come in.

We will make suggestions to remove all oversized furniture, pack away the out-of-season or outgrown toys and clothes. Adding a fresh coat of paint is an easy and inexpensive way to improve the look of your home.

Don’t forget the outside! Mow the lawn and add some flowers and mulch. Make the property as appealing as possible.

Be realistic about the actual value of the property. Don’t price your home too high or too low. Checking the area comps is one of the many functions we perform for you.