Buying a Home Under Construction

Why you need to be represented in new construction:

  1. The onsite agent represents the builder. They do not represent the buyer. (We have worked onsite. It was hard for us to know money and incentives were being left on the table because the buyer was not represented. Perhaps this is why we now work with buyers!)
  2. A buyer’s agent can watch over the construction process and know what questions to ask. (Especially an agent who has watched many homes be built!)
  3. Your buyer’s agent is your exclusive advocate and will help you understand your contract and obligations. A builder’s contract is often times written with their best interest in mind.
  4. A buyer’s agent guides you from contract to close; negotiations, documentation, street assignment, home inspection, radon inspection, termite inspection, design center, appraisal, financing, schools, survey, HOA, construction, walk-through, closing, 1-year walk-through.
  5. While the sale representative may give the appearance that sales prices are non-negotiable, an experienced agent can use recent and historical sales data to aid in the negotiation—data that is not always readily available during new construction.
  6. A buyer’s agent costs you nothing as the builder has allocated a sales commission to be paid to a buyer’s agent as most consumers are represented for the above reasons.

Do you feel comfortable making potentially the largest investment of your life without someone on your side?